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(1.5 years)


Contract amount
(start from 25 000 000 UZS)

(Uzbek, English)

Regular programs


Фондовый рынок Котировки

About the program

Public Finance and International Finance offers a comprehensive grasp of both theoretical and practical aspects of finance. In this in-depth study, students draw upon ideas and methods from diverse disciplines, including mathematics, statistics, econometrics, business, accounting, auditing, financial markets, and international public finance. This program provides a holistic understanding, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate complex financial landscapes, both domestically and internationally.

Career prospects

After completing a specialization in Public Finance and International Finance, students can pursue rewarding careers in various sectors. Graduates often find opportunities in government agencies, contributing to public financial management and economic policy. They may also explore roles in international financial institutions, such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, shaping global economic strategies. Additionally, careers in private financial firms, investment banks, and consulting companies are common, where expertise in public and international finance is highly valued. The versatility of their skills opens doors to impactful roles in both the public and private sectors, making them valuable contributors to financial stability and global economic development.
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