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Our History

Tashkent International University is a private university located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. It opened its doors to students in October 2023.

The university has four departments: Business, Education, IT and Foreign Languages. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs in their respective fields.

The Department of Business of TIU offers programs in such specializations as economics, finance, marketing, management, and world economy and international economic relations. Students of this course are prepared to become business professionals with strong analytical and critical thinking skills.

The Department of Education of TIU prepares students to become teachers and educators in various fields, such as preschool education, primary education and psychology. Graduates of this course will become effective teachers who can inspire and motivate their students.

The Department of IT of TIU offers specializations in computer engineering, software engineering, information technologies and cyber security. Students of this department are trained to become experts in the latest technologies and are prepared to work in various fields such as software development, cyber security and data analysis.

The Department of Foreign Languages of TIU offers programs in areas such as translation, interpreting and language teaching. Students of this course will become effective communication professionals in written and oral form by learning different languages.

TIU is staffed by highly qualified professors and experienced teachers who are experts in their field. Their extensive teaching and research background set a high standard for academic excellence. Also, TIU has a strong focus on research and innovation and has a strong emphasis on engaging students in research activities and collaborating with industry.


TIU has established partnerships with prestigious global universities and organizations of the world, creating wide opportunities for students to study abroad and gain international experience.

Lastly, we provide comprehensive support to our students, helping them excel in their chosen careers and personal lives, showcasing our dedication to their success.

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