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The university IT center is the technological heart of the campus, providing essential support and services for students, faculty, and staff. It offers a wide range of computing resources, technical assistance, and access to cutting-edge technology. The IT center plays a crucial role in facilitating research, online learning, and administrative functions, ensuring that the university community stays connected, informed, and technologically proficient.


TIU Webpage account

  • The University Webpage account is your student ID thus you are not required to apply for this separately.

How to apply for the web-mail account

  • Register as a member to get school email.

  •  Who can apply: Professors, staff members, students

  • Professors, staff members email: Your

  • Students email: Your


  • Resister as a member to use the service. You will use the new email address when you registered as a member.

Inquiry: +998 95 131 5555, +998 95 383 5555

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