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The University Library serves as the intellectual center of the campus, providing a wealth of knowledge and resources to students and faculty. It offers an extensive collection of books, research materials and digital resources, creating a quiet and comfortable space for learning and research. In addition to physical books, many university libraries offer online databases, research support, and convenient reading spaces, making it an important resource for academic success and intellectual growth.

Borrowing from the Library

  • Students can borrow books with student ID card

  • Scope & Term

Undergraduate: five (5) books for two (2) weeks

Graduate: ten (10) books for a (1) month

  • Students can extend the term or re-borrow the book one time. If the borrowed books are past-due, the student cannot borrow books for the number of days in arrears.

  • With overdue books, students cannot borrow other books.

Copy Room

  • Located at the 1st floor of the library, Copy Room provides the print and copy service.

  • Service Hours: 09: 00 - 18: 00 (Weekdays)

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