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Отель рабочий стол 3

The Dormitory Services Office offers an affordable and comfortable housing solution for both graduate and undergraduate students. Our dormitory, D-Building, accommodates approximately 300 students.

It provides an excellent atmosphere where students can simultaneously study, unwind, and socialize with their peers. Students from various regions, both within the country and abroad, choose this place for their academic pursuits, enjoying a vibrant college life filled with sports, clubs, hobbies, and diverse cultural experiences.

The dedicated staff of the TIU dormitory is committed to assisting students in achieving their objectives while residing on campus.

Applying Procedures

·         Submit the application to the Student Service Office.

·         Notification of the admission from the Student Service Office will be made depending on the space available.

·         When applying, you need to have a tuberculosis test and then submit a copy of the test result to the SS Center.

·         Applications are required for each year starting from August and December.

·         Applications during the vacation period are accepted approximately early in June and January.

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