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On April 6 of this year, the director of the Educational Center of the Republic of Korea, Pan Chu Man, visited Tashkent International University. The guests were greeted by the rector of the university, Chung Yong Wook. For the first time in our country, the TOPIK IBT exam was conducted in the form of testing at Tashkent International University.

In addition, a mutual agreement was reached with the director of the Korean Educational Center Pan Chu Mang on further plans and further expansion of the scope of mutual cooperation. For your information, unlike the TOPIK PBT (Paper Test), the TOPIK IBT (Internet Based Test) is administered online at a designated test center using a computer or tablet connected to the Internet.

☎️ Call-centre

+998 95 131 55 55 | (

( +998 95 383 55 55 | ( Telegram (

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