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Metatelnye kolpachki


Undergraduate students in this program earn two degrees upon graduation. The first is at Tashkent International University, and the second is at one of our partner universities. Students complete two years at TIU and another two years at another university. Those who wish to study in this field must follow a specific study program that corresponds to the course and credit requirements of TIU and the partner university.

Once students participating in the 2+2 program transfer to a partner university, no payment is required to TIU, and scholarships held at TIU prior to transfer are considered forfeited. However, in some cases, an agreement between TIU and the host university may require students to continue their studies at TIU. Students are advised to check with the International Relations Office about payment terms and scholarships before applying.

Participating in a dual degree program provides many benefits for students. This unique educational pathway not only provides graduates with a diverse skill set that makes them highly adaptable in the job market, but also provides a competitive edge. Dual degree holders stand out to employers, increase their job opportunities in a variety of fields, and enjoy the fast learning curve that allows them to earn two bachelor's degrees in a short amount of time. Beyond academics, the program encourages personal growth, enhances problem-solving skills, and develops a global perspective that prepares graduates for success in today's fast-paced world.

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