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#Educational cooperation

📑 An international cooperation memorandum on the provision of higher education services was signed between Tashkent International University and Kangwon National University!

⭐️ On the basis of the memorandum, agreements were reached on student exchange programs, support for the visits of professors and researchers, exchange of educational materials, research goals and other areas.

❇️ Form of full-time education, duration of study - 4 years

✨ Form of distance education, study period - 4 years

👩‍🎓 Master's degree (full-time), study period - 1.5 years

💎 Second specialty (distance learning), study period - 3 years

🔁 Transfer of study (day / distance), study period is determined depending on the difference of subjects

☎️ Information and consultation center

+998 95 131 5555

+998 95 383 5555

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